About Us

Our History

The NCAC was incorporated on May 15, 1985 with the purpose of bringing the community and its various organizations together to “further the common welfare and well-being of the community of Newport . . . in a charitable, religious, and educational manner.” In doing so, the Board developed a vision and mission to devoted to promoting and encouraging events, programming and other opportunities for our community.

Our Vision

“We envision a vibrant, united rural community that creates opportunities for growth and enhancement by developing diverse services and programs that promotes involvement and a strong sense of community while striving to increase the common welfare and well-being of its citizens.”

Our Mission

The Newport Community Action Committee’s mission is:

1. To actively further the common welfare and well-being of our community that contributes to the quality of life of its citizens;

2. To actively attempt to provide solutions to problems confronting the community and unify efforts of participating organizations;

3. To receive, fundraise, and administer monies to foster the operations and functions and maintain the upkeep of Newport Recreation Center building;

4. To promote, encourage, and preserve local Appalachian culture and arts, education and health as well as the intrinsic rural values and community commitment to our citizens; and

5. To maintain and utilize the recreation facility to promote culture, recreation, education, health, information exchange, local events of interest, or any other function that contributes to the quality of life or well-being of its citizens.